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05.06.2017 18:37

Jahrbuch 2016 "Das Jerusalem-Kreuz" erschienen

Das Jahresbuch 2016 ist erschienen. Es ist in deutscher Sprache erhältlich unter: 


Folgend das Ankündigungsschreiben des Kanzlers im Großmeisteramt. 

Excellencies, dear confreres,

It is with great pleasure that I forward you a link to our annual magazine, available in five languages, now called Jerusalem Cross, a name that perfectly identifies us: www.vatican.va/roman_curia/institutions_connected/oessh/ad/croce2016/croce2016_en.pdf 

The magazine is accompanied by the 2017 spiritual booklet, designed to help animate our pilgrimages to the Holy Land: www.oessh.va/content/dam/ordineequestresantosepolcro/File%20pdf/Sostando/Impag.%20Sostando%20ING.pdf 

We are also sending you via post, a DVD containing a high definition digital file of both the magazine and spiritual booklet to allow you to print them for distribution in your Lieutenancies, organizing yourselves into linguistic regions with other Lieutenancies as is already the case, for example, in the United States or in Italy .

If you also wish to print this in large quantities, please do not hesitate to contact our Communication Office to get the high resolution file: comunicazione@oessh.va 

You are cordially invited to inform members of the publication of these three tools (magazine, spiritual booklet and Newsletter) so that everyone can consult them on our website before having a copy in hand.

I would also insist that you alert your members to the opportunity to personally subscribe to our website to receive the Newsletter at this link: www.oessh.va/content/ordineequestresantosepolcro/en/newsletter/subscription.html  

This publication is a precious link with the Order in its universal dimension.

Wishing you all an enjoyable read, I would also remind you to share all of your latest news and activities through our social media (Facebook: @ granmagistero.oessh and Twitter: @GM_oessh) fostering greater communication between us all.

I assure you of my heartfelt closeness in prayer for our brothers and sisters of the Holy Land.

Alfredo Bastianelli

Chancellor of the Order 

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